50 years of future

Du 10/11/21 au 08/05/22

The Vasarely Foundation 50 years of future

Art will be a common treasure or it will not be!

From 10 November 2021 to 8 May 2022


In 2021, the Vasarely Foundation celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its recognition as a public utility, on September 27, 1971, by symbolically reuniting in a double exhibition the very places of its creation, the Château de Gordes and the Centre architectonique d’Aix-en-Provence.

This fiftieth anniversary exhibition retraces Victor Vasarely’s first thoughts on his grand design, from his written formulation of 1966, « My Foundation Project », as well as the stages in the realization of a cultural project that was unique in its kind.

« Art will be a common treasure or will not be » presents through a rich collection of archive documents, original works, texts and photographs, the circumstances of the creation of the Architectural Centre of Aix-en-Provence, inaugurated in 1976, a place for the demonstration of the plastic language for the great ensembles and the Polychrome City of Happiness.

Exhibition curators

Pascale Girard and Pierre Vasarely


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Victor Vasarely, Ninive 1949-1952 ©photo : Fabrice Lepeltier

The exhibition at the Centre Architectonique in Aix-en-Provence looks back at all the decisive stages in his artistic development.

The plastic alphabet imagined by Victor Vasarely is composed of units made of two elements that fit into each other, that can be permuted and also combined with others: a square that plays the role of background and in which smaller geometric shapes, circles, ellipses, rectangles, triangles, and rhombuses are included. This play of shapes is complemented by the play of colors.

For Vasarely, the « multiple » is an original which, at the moment of its birth, is not one, but one hundred or more.  The important thing is the plastic idea from which one starts and which is a unique composition but conceived in such a way that its advent is not limited to a single copy. Whatever work one creates, there is always an original, but until now this original was the ultimate goal of its creator. For Vasarely, the original is only a starting point.   « You know that for me the original is not the easel painting, but the starting prototype which plays the role of a score and can provide the origin of either a canvas, a fresco, a tapestry, an architectural integration, or finally a « multiple ».


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Catalogue of the exhibition

Under the direction of Pauline Mari
Authors: Robert Jourdan, Pauline Mari and Pierre Vasarely
Interviews by : Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Bernard Blistène and Rudy Ricciotti

118 pages in French and English / Rimbaud Edition
Price: 39 €

Selection of works

NB 22 Caope - Circa 1970 - 198 x 198 cm - Fondation Vasarely
Logo Renault - 1972 - plexiglas theraformé rétro-éclairé - 240 x 172 x 24 cm - Collection particulière -_
Etude 33 - présentoir CV - Intégrations polychromes, thèmes corpusculairees, abstractions permutables - 1975 - Technique mixte - 76 x 82 cm - Collection Fondation Vasarely -_