The Vasarely Foundation has been a Musée de France since December 10, 2020!

The Vasarely Foundation, through its President Pierre Vasarely, submitted at the end of April to the State services and more specifically to Madame Myriam Boyer, museum advisor within the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of PACA, its “Scientific Project and Cultural ”, more commonly referred to in cultural circles as“ the PSC ”. Filing this “PSC” is a prerequisite for obtaining the “Musée de France” designation.

The Vasarely Foundation, whose lumino-kinetic building and its monumental integrations are already protected as Historical Monuments, wishes to enhance and guarantee the protection of its collection which consists of no less than 385 objects linked to the work of Victor Vasarely, including a collection of studies devoted to his “Polychrome City of Happiness”. The collection which has become the “Musée de France” will then be inalienable, imprescriptible and elusive, which will protect it from covetousness, as was the case in the past.

By obtaining this designation, the Foundation will be able to benefit from the advice and expertise of the State services, but also to claim grant requests for the restoration of its collections, for the realization of exhibitions, for educational and cultural mediation activities etc. The Foundation will be able, among other things, to receive deposits from collections from other institutions and allow a greater influence of the works of Victor Vasarely.

The Foundation and its services (which already respond to the many missions devolved to a “Museum of France”), will continue their actions towards the conservation and restoration of works, knowledge, study and enrichment of the work of Visual artist but above all will allow the accessibility of this collection to the general public by a growing distribution.
The 100,000 visitors bar exceeded for the year 2019 reinforced the Foundation’s ambition to join the circle of 1,221 French museums in the national territory, including 124 in the South-PACA region.

The Foundation passed its grand oral on December 1, 2020 with the High Council of Museums, Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Minister of Culture validated the positive opinion of the commission.