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FROM 26 MARCH TO 10 MAY 2023


We are pleased to present the exhibition Space | Light | Reflection, which will run from 26.03.2023 to 10.05.2023 at the Vasarely Foundation under the direction of Leon Boch and Regina M. Fischer.

The exhibition features unique works by the internationally renowned Austrian artist Miriam Prantl and the German metal sculptor Stefan Faas. For the first time, works by both artists will be presented together, creating a fascinating dialogue between Prantl’s light installations and Faas’s highly polished mirror steel volumes. This sensory experience will take visitors into a world of reflection and wonder.

DAS EINRÄUMEN VON LICHT by Mariam Prantl © Tom Tom Lachmayr for Klanglicht 2022_0003closer in (2)
Das Einräumen Von Licht – Miriam Prantl 
© Tom Tom Lachmayr for Klanglicht, 2022

Miriam Prantl is considered one of the most influential light artists in Austria, and her work is currently exhibited in numerous museums, institutions and public spaces. Her professional approach to light and its interaction with space and the observer is one of the unique features of her artistic work. In his installations, material space dissolves into an immaterial space of sensory experience, where colour and light merge to form a moment of perception of an ultimately immaterial environment.

Stefan Faas is a German metal sculptor whose works focus on the effect of the viewer’s reflection in his sculptures. The highly polished and reflective steel allows the viewer’s space to be expanded by an almost fictitious dimension of the self, in which the viewer becomes part of the sculpture. The tension comes from the titles, which are based on antiquity, as well as from the formal realisation, which is oriented on it. The technical and material realization of Stefan Faas’ sculptures communicates an approach that is defined as contemporary in art.

This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to discover exceptional works by two outstanding artists in their field, who complement each other perfectly to create a unique artistic experience. We look forward to welcoming you to the Vasarely Foundation for this exceptional exhibition, which promises to be an unforgettable experience for all visitors. The opening will take place on March 25, 2023 at 7 pm.

Anthropomir Kephalos IV – Stefan Faas
© Winfried Reinhardt, 2022

As a foundation dedicated to the promotion of modern and contemporary art, the Vasarely Foundation is proud to present innovative artists in the tradition of Victor Vasarely, founder of the Op Art movement. By exhibiting the works of Miriam Prantl and Stefan Faas, the Vasarely Foundation continues its mission to support and disseminate contemporary art to the general public, showing works that invite an immersive sensory experience and push the boundaries of contemporary art. In this way, the Foundation hopes to stimulate reflection on forms, colours and spaces, while promoting the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art.

Curator of the exhibition

Leon Boch et Regina M. Fischer




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