Call for solidarity

Faced with the drama of the war in Ukraine, the Plein Sud network mobilizes collectively to support the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian artists by co-signing the call for solidarity launched by many cultural actors.

“We, the directors of cultural venues in France, express with this message our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian artists.

We are, in front of the emergency and the dangers incurred by artists forced to flee the war, ready to mobilize us, to contribute to welcome them in France so that they can continue their activity and thus preserve the free expression of the Ukrainian culture.”

With this in mind, the Plein Sud visual arts network fully supports the initiative of the South Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region and that of many cultural actors, to mobilize in favor of rapid and concrete actions, according to the means and reception capacities of each structure.

A first gesture of solidarity will consist of taking stock of the reception capacity of the 70 members of the network and preparing to welcome those who request it.

In parallel, a collective action has been set up to recognize the identity and the living Ukrainian culture and to promote a contemporary scene often unknown during these next weeks, through exhibitions and events in cultural places on the territory, but also via the sharing on social networks of video recordings, images, texts, sounds or other highlights of works, personalities or shows, associated with the hashtag:


A demonstration in support of Ukraine will take place on Sunday March 6 at the MUCEM.

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