Cell 8

Cell 8

This alveolus concludes the journey of Vasarely’s optical and kinetic games with the cubes that appear, the movements that are created, the alternating lines or the chromatic games.


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Victor Vasarely uses the shape of the Kepler cube, which is a cube with a centered perspective. The figure combines a hexagonal plan and a cubic volume. Indeed, if one observes the small green cube at the bottom of the work, it is composed of three diamonds of the same size inside a hexagon. The central cubes can be understood inversely in volume or in hollow.

The architectural center is not a simple didactic museum like the one that was built before it in Gordes from 1970 to 1996. It is a place of open experimentation, which allows Vasarely’s plastic ambition to be developed in the city. One does not know where the work begins and where the building ends.

TRIDIM, Victor Vasarely, 1968, 692×400 cm