Cell 2

Cell 2

In this room, the forms used on the works take up the elements of simple geometry: the circle, the square, the rectangle, the triangle. The colors are chosen in straightforward hues and always laid down in flat tints. For Vasarely, the geometric form becomes a sign and an element of pure composition. These shapes are combined with colors: we discover in this first cell the very basis of Vasarely’s language: the plastic alphabet.


Zoom on HEXA

With its 7 hexagons, positioned one next to the other, the Hexa work takes up part of the building’s plan. More precisely, the space of the 7 cells presenting the monumental works. The hexagonal shape is recurrent in the work, it is also a tribute to France, the artist’s host country.

HEXA, Victor Vasarely, 1971, 548×527 cm